Can You Sell A Car With Expired Registration In Sydney?

Posted on 21th, Mar 19

Yes, you can. The fastest way to get rid of a car whose registration has expired is to sell it to a Cash for Car Dealer. Cash for Car Dealers, Wreckers or Car removal companies as they are sometimes called, will buy your car no matter what condition it’s in. With a reliable and experienced Cash for Car business like Oz Car Removal, car sellers can expect to receive cash on the spot, an instant car valuation over the phone itself and quality service for a fast and efficient car sale.

So you’ve let your car’s registration lapse – have you?

Maybe what it’s time to do is let your car ‘go.’ What’s the point of keeping a car if you can’t drive it? Or pluck up the energy you need to get your Pink Slip or Green Slip done?

Backpackers, and foreigners, please note – you need a Pink Sleep and a Green Slip in Australia in order to register your car. It is illegal to drive a car that is unregistered in Australia. You could be fined up to $1200 for driving a vehicle that is unregistered. And up to $530 – if your vehicle does not have a Green Slip – also referred to as third party insurance – compulsory for vehicle owners in Australia.

Cash for Cars Sydney

Cash for Car dealers will buy cars no-one else will

It’s pretty simple. If you take an old car with over 150,000 kilometers on it to a used car dealer, they won’t touch it. Not unless you buy a new car from them. Selling a car that’s old or damaged can seem near impossible. What you need to do is approach the right people – people like us. At Oz Car Removal, we’re in the business of buying old, unwanted, damaged, scrap or unregistered cars for cash.

Why Cash for Car dealers and Scrap car Dealers are popular in Australia?

  • They provide Cash on the spot
  • A valuation for your car over the phone itself
  • Full assistance with paperwork and translations should you require them
  • Pick up of vehicle from your home
  • A hassle-free transaction completed max in a day!

Looking to Sell your Car? Consider a Cash for Car Dealer like Oz Car Removal

Specialised in used Car Removals, we will take away the cars few others will. Prices we offer vary – if your car is well maintained or new, we could give you up to $999 for it. If your car is not in working condition, you will receive less, of course. What we will always try and do is put some money into your pocket, however, before towing or driving your vehicle away.

Got a car whose registration has expired – why not sell it to us?

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