The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Car To A Car Removal Company In Sydney

Posted on 20th, Jul 19

Car removal services are handy to sell your car because they give you cash for it on the spot. Cash is something we can all use more of. Sell your car to us at Oz Car Removal (we’re based in Sydney) and you could be several hundred or thousand richer by the end of today – itself.

Cash for Cars is a rapidly growing business in Sydney

And for good reasons. Cash for Car dealers pay well – on time – and do the vehicle disposal paperwork for you too. Always efficient, and always service focused, Cash for Car dealers in Sydney like Oz Car Removal Services reward you handsomely for your car – no matter what condition it’s in.

Sell your car to us – receive up to $9999 – today

At Oz Car removal, we’ve bought hundreds of cars, vans, and trucks during our lifetime.

What do we do with these old cars, vans, and trucks?

We take them apart in our car yard. The parts that are reusable, we sell at our online car parts stores. The parts we can’t use, we dispose of thoughtfully into the environment in a way that is eco-friendly.

Cash for Car

A Car removal service you can trust

That’s us at Oz Car Removal. Part of the Cash For Car Industry in Sydney for years, we get process – and do our utmost to keep it clean and efficient. Industry standards matter to us, so we make it a point to follow them religiously.

Registered, and licensed by the RTA, we work with you to complete your Car Disposal Forms (you can find a copy of the form here on this link – which you’ll need to lodge with the RTA in Sydney once you sell your car to us.

Why sell your car to a Cash for Car dealer in Sydney?

It is very hard selling an Old Car online these days. A single ad will set you back around $80 dollars. None of the online car sales sites offer you a guarantee that your car will sell once you advertise it. Cash for car dealers who double up as car removalists as well will buy your car off you on the spot giving you Instant Cash for it. Cash, we’re sure you could do with.

Located at Fairfield East, Oz Car Removal Services is open for business – now

If you have an old car – it doesn’t have to be working or insured or have rego on it – we’d be happy to buy it from you right away. To get a FREE Valuation over the phone call us now on 0402 720 206. Alternatively, email your vehicle’s details to us at

We do not have any branches in other cities, but we recommend in Melbourne Car 4 Cash for professional car removal service.